PAT Testing – The Grey Area

So today brings the 1st in a series of monthly blogs I’m going to write, specifically about PAT Testing.

Blog number one brings the GREY AREA of – Just WHO is responsible for the testing of ‘hard wired appliances’?

So Just who is responsible for it is the biggest grey area that crops up on nearly every site i visit, and why I hear you ask.

To keep things simple.

Firstly, the PAT tester is capable testing only plugs (dependent on what equipment your using).

Secondly, the hard wire tester is responsible for testing from the distribution board to the spur.

Which then in turn means any hard-wired appliance such as a ZIP water boiler (others are available) are left completely untested for the duration of their life span.

So, therefore I’m raising the issue.

Are we going to start to asking PAT testers with only one day training or in some cases even less to try and figure out how to isolate a circuit on a distribution board and then carry out the relevant tests?

Are we going to still be charging £1 (being very generous) for this service? I think NOT.

More Clarification is needed on this matter for everyone concerned.

My rule of thumb is always explain this ‘grey area’ to the client before commencing any work.

You should always perform a VISUAL INSPECTION on the appliances that are affected on site. (even if the client disagrees, you should still be visually inspecting them and not logging the data as they are after all an APPLIANCE). If something went wrong regarding external insulation then the first person to be questioned or should be, will be the PAT TESTER.

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