Fixed Appliance Testing

At DJP Testing Service, we don’t just provide Fixed Appliance Testing Services across Birmingham and the wider West Midlands, we aim to promote the use of such Fixed Appliance Tests in businesses across the UK to provide safer workplaces.

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Fixed Appliance Testing

Unlike PAT Testing, Fixed Appliance Testing is a type or electrical testing that is often overlooked by business owners and landlords – however, like PAT Testing, it is crucially important.

Fixed appliances such as cookers, hand driers and storage heaters are commonly used in businesses across the UK and we take their electrical condition and safety for granted much of the time. Unfortunately, these fixed appliances are just as likely to suffer degradation to wear and tear as portable appliances as they are used on a regular basis.

This means that regular electrical testing is of the utmost importance and whether you own or rent the electrical equipment on your premises it is your responsibility to have these fixed appliances tested for health and safety reasons as well as to minimise the risk of liability.

If you take a look around your workplace, would you know if an appliance was fully functional on the outside but not dangerous on the inside? Could you really say with absolute certainty that your fixed appliances (that are often heavily used on a daily basis) have not developed an electrical fault that could cause serious harm?

Fixed appliances are just as likely as portable appliances to develop a fault and these faulty appliances can be fatal if not tested at regular intervals as the faults will never be detected until it is too late.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are an average of 30 deaths each year due to electrical accidents in the work place. There are around 1,000 work related electrical accidents reported each year on top of these. If you cannot answer with certainty that your fixed appliances are safe following testing then you could be running the risk of accidents, fire or even death in your workplace.

At DJP Testing Services Ltd, we strive to promote Fixed Appliance Testing because we feel it is type of electrical testing that is not discussed or really used in the business world – and it is equally as important in terms of safety as PAT Testing.

By putting in place a systematic programme of inspecting and testing to check the both portable and fixed appliances will not only minimise the risk of injury and fires but it will also send out a message to your employees and customers that their health and safety is above all else.


What is a fixed appliance?

A fixed appliance is an electrical appliance which is usually connected to the electricity supply via a fused outlet to which the flex is permanently connected. Common examples of fixed appliances include storage heaters, hand dryers, cookers and machine tools.

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